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Riverfront Irish Festival
Dunn Quigley Funeral Homes
OSU Medical Center
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Our region has a new rule concerning costumes for all competitions up-to and including U9 boys & girls!
Please see our syllabus for this important rule. The rule WILL BE ENFORCED for all dancers, regardless of home region.

Akron Feis gives back with blood donations!

Thanks to all who donated blood at this year's Feis.


05/24/2015: The day after: The competition results have all been posted at QuickFeis.com.

We do have a favor to ask. We'd like to know what you liked this year, what didn't you like? Any Feedback?
Email us at info@akronfeis.com and let us know.

And finally, we'll be removing the competitor lists at the end of May.


Our stage schedule and competitor split lists are now available!

To Help you out, we've moved the links here.

At this time, we are no longer accepting new registrations, or changes to existing registrations. If you wish to attend our feis, or make changes, you may still do so, subject to the fees and rules as listed in our syllabus. There are ADDITIONAL FEES to register on the day of the feis.